New Howdy Dashboard

Release Date: Monday, Apr 05, 2021

A new Howdy Dashboard is being made available and with its initial launch, it provides a cleaner, more modern interface for accessing, navigating and viewing all of the student information available in the existing Banner 8/Compass 8 Advisor Dashboard.

A new tab in Howdy will provide easy access to the dashboard:

After selecting a student, the landing page of the Dashboard contains summary information for the student as well as their program.  This overview card is accessible at any time.

There are also convenient tabs for navigation to specific information and role-based menus.

To navigate back to a page or to a new student, you will no longer need to use the “back” arrow in your browser; now you will use the menus listed above and not have to start over if you change students.
The search function will allow entering name, UIN, email or phone number:
The Academic Record & Planning menu item provides an aggregated view by semester of the Unofficial Transcript, Registration history and degree progress information.  It will include transfer, institutional and multi-campus information.

The existing Banner 8/Compass 8 Advisor Dashboard will still be available for several months, after which it will be retired.  Another announcement will be made before it is retired.

The Undergraduate Degree Planner (UGDP) is available from the Howdy Dashboard as an external link redirecting to the Banner8/Compass 8 version.  A refreshed version of the UGDP is under development which will include an updated user interface with drag and drop capabilities.