Compass Update July 17, 2020

Release Date: Monday, Jul 20, 2020

Scheduled Maintenance Advisory
Compass will be unavailable Saturday, July 18, 2020 beginning at 6:45am until 3:00pm for maintenance.  Howdy access will not be affected.
During the time Howdy is available but Compass is not, Self Service Banner links in Howdy that access the Compass database will be unavailable due to the maintenance.  Examples include the Class Schedule, Advising Dashboard and Touchnet.  The COVID-19 training for students will be unavailable during the maintenance.

Clear Browser Cache After Compass Scheduled Maintenance
After the Compass maintenance on Saturday, July 18, EIS recommends Compass users clear their browser cache.
For more information on clearing your browser cache, please visit the TAMU IT Knowledge Base.  General Browser Cache Clearing can be found at
If you need further assistance clearing the browser cache, contact you desktop IT support.

Compass Enhancements – Direct Search, Favorites, Personal Settings
The maintenance on July 18 will include several enhancements to the search page in Compass. 
First, there will be a new Direct Navigation search option.  When using the Direct Navigation search, in order for the page to be found and opened, the page name that you enter must exactly match the page name in Compass.  This eliminates the step of selecting the desired page from a list of potential matches.  This is a great option if you know the page name and just want to go directly to that page.
Second, the new version of Compass now includes Favorites.  If you perform a Search, the potential pages listed in the search results now include a star icon.  If you click on the star, the page will be added to your Favorites and the star will become a maroon filled star.  A maroon star indicates that the page is one of your Favorites.  You can quickly manage and navigate to all of your Favorite pages by using the star icon in the vertical menu on the left.  To remove a page from your Favorites, click on the maroon star in the vertical menu or potential pages listed in the search results.


Finally, you can now configure several Personal Settings in Compass.  To access the Personal Settings, click on the person icon in the vertical menu on the left and then click on the Personal Settings menu item.  You may set the following preferences; preferred initial page, search preference and sort.  If you indicate a preferred initial page, when compass is opened, it will automatically navigate to that page. 
Search preference sets the default search option, while the Sort By preference sets the sort order for the list of potential pages in the search results.  Since CAS already provides a sign out confirmation, EIS recommends leaving the sign out confirmation set to No.