Registration Worksheet Integration with Undergraduate Degree Planner

Release Date: Tuesday, Aug 06, 2019

The Registration Worksheet tool enables students to create their schedules in advance of their registration time.  After the maintenance on August 3, the Undergraduate Degree Planner (UGDP) will be integrated into the Registration Worksheet. 

Students and advisors will be able to create a Registration Worksheet by selecting courses from the UGDP and saving them as a worksheet.  This will help speed up the registration process for students as well as help keep them on track towards their degree completion.  Students may add classes not on their degree plan by using the “Find Classes Tab.”
Below is the Advisor View of the landing page in Registration. 

Advisor View of the landing page in Registration

Students should select the "Create a Registration Worksheet" button. 

Create a Registration Worksheet Button

If a UGDP exists for the student for the selected term, it will be displayed.  "Approved" means that the course was on the last approved UGDP.  Courses without this checkmark were added to the UGDP after its last approval.  Users can add a course or search for sections which in turn adds a section to the student's worksheet.  The user should always click on the “Save Registration Worksheet" button in the bottom right corner.

Registration Worksheet