New Versions of Class Search and Registration

Release Date: Wednesday, Apr 03, 2019

A new version of Class Search is available for employees who have access to the Howdy Advising Tab.  The new version is based on Banner 9 self-service technology that is also used for the Student Profile.  In Howdy, click on the Class Search (New) icon to access this version.

The current versions of Registration and Class Search icons will remain accessible to all students for spring registration; however, there are new versions of Registration and Class Search that will be used by a pilot group of students at the start of pre-registration.  We anticipate all students having access to the new versions of Registration and Class Search later this spring after the pilot’s results are reviewed.  The new versions have improved user interfaces and other enhancements such as improved error messaging and time conflict checking. 
As access is made available to the new versions of Registration and Class Search, a Registration (New) icon and Class Search (New) icon will appear next to the existing versions currently displayed in Howdy as seen below.  Again, access to the new versions for all students is expected later this spring. 

Banner 9 Class Search and Registration Training Guides for Academic Advisors are available in Howdy on the Employee Tab in the Compass User Training channel.
If you have feedback about the new versions of Class Search and Registration, please complete this brief survey.