New Class Search and Registration Icons for All Students

Release Date: Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019

There have been no significant issues with the Banner 9 Registration Pilot.  The icons for the new versions of Class Search and Registration will be available to all students later today.  The current version of Class Search and Registration will also continue to be available.
Prior to this summer’s New Student Conferences, students will also be able to use Registration Worksheet functionality to plan their schedule before registering for classes.  In addition, Academic Advisors will be able to create an Advisor Recommended Registration Worksheet that includes advisor recommended course sections for a student.  When registration opens, students can use the worksheets to register for their classes.  The new functionality will be available before the first New Student Conference in May.  Additional details will be shared before the first New Student Conference.            
The earlier message about the new versions of Registration and Class Search is available on the EIS web site at this link.