Compass User Page Settings

Release Date: Wednesday, Dec 04, 2019

Compass users now have the ability to configure and save filter, column, and pagination (records per page) settings.  These settings are specific to the page and the user, and they are persistent.  If the user logs out and back into Compass, the settings will remain.  This allows the user to configure these settings to meet their needs or preferences. 
The following settings may be configured and managed by the user.
  • Filter settings – basic or advanced
  • Filter fields and field order
  • Filter field operators and data
  • Column order
  • Column width
  • Column freeze – include in frozen columns, where available
  • Pagination – number of records to display per page
A short training video regarding Compass User Page Settings is available in Howdy on the Employee Tab in the Compass Administrative Pages channel.  The video is less than five (5) minutes long and covers setting up and restoring Filter, Column, and Pagination settings.
Pagination Setting Example

Where this feature is enabled, a new gear icon and SETTINGS button will be displayed in the section header.  To save a setting, the user should configure the setting and then click the SETTINGS button and the appropriate Save command. 
As an example, to change the pagination or records per page setting from 10 to 1, the user would change the value to 1, then click the SETTINGS button, and then click the Save Pagination Settings command.  After saving the pagination setting, if the user exits the page and then re-opens the page, the setting will remain.
Save Pagination Setting:
Setting Persists on Re-entry:
A user may remove their settings and return to the default settings for the page by clicking on the SETTINGS button and selecting the Restore All command.
Restore All Settings:
If you have questions about Compass User Page Settings, please contact EIS Security at