Compass Update September 17, 2019

Release Date: Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019

Student Profile Degree Progress Enhancements
At the end of spring 2019, a new Degree Progress panel that included a Time to Degree chart was launched in the Student Profile in Howdy.  A series of new charts have now been added to the Degree Progress panel providing further insights into the status and trends for students working toward their degrees.  The new charts are already available to advisors, and by the middle of next week, the charts will be available to students.  The additional charts are divided into two new sections:  Credit Information and GPA Information. 
Credit Information
This new section contains three new charts.
Degree Hours:  A donut representing the hours applied, in progress and remaining towards the degree
Credit Trends By Term:  An interactive chart superimposing the status of credits attempted vs earned overlaid with any program changes all tracked by term.

D/F Grades, Q-drops, Withdrawn and Repeated Course Data:  A tabular representation of the data regarding D/F grades, Q-Drops, withdrawn and repeated courses.
GPA Information
This new section contains two new charts.  The GPA chart includes the GPA variance.
GPA Trends by Term:  Line and point graphs indicating the student’s term and point in time overall GPA along with a trend line.


Cumulative GPA status:  Column charts indicating the current, overall GPA and program GPA where applicable.  This chart also contains the variance for each GPA provided.