Compass Update October 29, 2019

Release Date: Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019

As previously announced, the Banner 8 versions of Registration and Class Search will be retired on Saturday, November 2. 
The Banner 9 versions of Registration and Class Search will continue to be enhanced.  On November 2, the section enrollment information will be added to the Status column in the Banner 9 Class Search.  This includes the Actual, Maximum, and Seats Available enrollment numbers.  In Banner 8, the Seats Available calculation was referred to as Remaining Seats or Remaining (Rem).
An example of an earlier enhancement with Banner 9 is the Registration Worksheet functionality, which allows students to plan their schedule in advance.  Academic Advisors can also create an Advisor Recommended Registration Worksheet that includes advisor recommended course sections for a student.  Only the advisor who creates the worksheet can edit and delete it.  The Undergraduate Degree Planner (UGDP) has been integrated into the Registration Worksheet.
Student Registration Worksheet

Advisor Recommended Registration Worksheet (Advisor View):