Compass Update - August 22, 2019

Release Date: Friday, Aug 23, 2019

Preferred First Name
In order to make Texas A&M University a more welcoming place for its students and to personalize a student’s experience with Howdy, Texas A&M will be implementing preferred first name functionality on existing class rosters beginning with the fall 2019 semester.  If a student has a preferred first name, then the preferred first name will be listed on the roster in Howdy.  If a student does not have a preferred first name, then the legal first name will be listed on the roster.
Currently, Texas A&M is receiving a student’s preferred first name from the ApplyTexas applications for admission.  This information is being stored in the Preferred First Name field on SPAIDEN.
The preferred first name will be displayed on the instructor’s class roster.  In this example, Bob is displayed rather than Robert. 


Policies regarding preferred first name will be developed during the fall 2019 semester.  Once these policies are in place, both incoming and continuing students will be able to maintain their preferred first name by clicking the My Biographic Information icon in Howdy.  Preferred first name is expected to be included in EIS data feeds in the future after the policies have been finalized.