Compass Update - April 26, 2019

Release Date: Friday, Apr 26, 2019

Registration Enhancements
After the Compass maintenance this weekend, students and academic advisors will have a new resource to help students plan for registration.  The Registration Worksheet tool will enable students to create their schedules in advance of their registration time.  Academic Advisors will have the option to provide schedule suggestions by creating an “Advisor Recommended” version of the worksheet for their students. 
Only the person who creates the worksheet can edit/delete the worksheet.  Therefore, an Advisor Recommended worksheet can only be edited/deleted by the advisor who creates it, and only the student can edit/delete a worksheet created by that student. Advisors also enrolled as students cannot create both a student worksheet and an Advisor Recommended worksheet for themselves.
 Registration Worksheet:
Student Registration Worksheet:

Advisor Recommended Registration Worksheet (Advisor View):
In addition to Registration Worksheets, additional enhancements for advisors will be deployed this weekend. These enhancements are based on user feedback and include:
  1. Integration of the class roster in the new version of Class Search
  2. Display of enrollment totals in Class Search
  3. Improvements to the Class Search display, including building code in place of the building description

Banner 9 training guides (New Online Class Search for Students, New Online Registration for Students, and New Online Registration Worksheets) for Academic Advisors are available in Howdy on the Employee Tab in the Compass User Training channel under the Registration section.