Compass Update June 29, 2018

Release Date: Thursday, Jul 26, 2018

Historical Compass Reports (ePrint) End Date

As a reminder, the old Compass Reports (ePrint) will be retired on July 31, 2018.  Historical reports created before September 1, 2017, are currently accessible in ePrint but will not be available after July 31.  The historical reports can still be accessed until that date using the Compass Reports (ePrint) Login Link in the Compass Channel on the Employee tab in Howdy

New Compass Reports

Reports created since September 1, 2017 can be accessed in the New Compass Reports by clicking on the Reports icon in Howdy.


Once a user logs in to the New Compass Reports, all of the reports to which a user has access will be displayed.  The New Compass Reports includes a more robust search feature which allows users to search on either the report name or the report description.


Right-clicking on a report allows the user to open or download the report, view the report history or add / remove the report from the favorites list.  Favorites appear at the top of the report list.  They are denoted with a star in the Most Used column.  In addition, reports that are frequently viewed by a user will also be sorted to the top of report list under favorites.  A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for New Compass Reports is available in Howdy in the Compass channel.

If you have questions regarding the New Compass Reports, please email

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