Compass Update June 15, 2017

Release Date: Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017

Compass Software Upgrade Planned

The software used to run the Compass student information system is scheduled for a major upgrade in 2018.   Banner 9 will introduce improvements to the user experience.  Java will not be required for Banner 9 and multiple browsers will be supported.

In addition, the Banner 9 Application Navigator provides improved search capabilities.  Pages may be searched for by page name or description.  The system will return potential results as you enter your search.

Banner 9 Q & A

Q.  How will my use of Compass change?
A.   Banner 9 Compass will replace the Banner 8 version that is currently being used.  The new Banner 9 pages will have similar functionality to the current Compass, but navigation will be different because it is web-based.

Q.  How will I learn how to access and navigate the new version of Compass based on Banner 9?
A.   EIS will provide a guide for users, and training sessions will be offered.

Q.  What is the time frame for implementation of the Banner 9 version of Compass?
A.   Banner 9 is expected to be available in parallel with Banner 8 for all users in 2018.  During the parallel period, the current Banner 8 version of Compass will be available.

Q.  When must I begin using the Banner 9 version of Compass?
A.   Based on the progress of the Banner 9 implementation, the EIS Steering Committee will determine the date in 2018 when all users must use the Banner 9 version.   Ellucian will de-support Banner 8 by December 31, 2018.  

Q.  Will self-service functionality within Howdy also change?
A.   Self-service functionality, such as the Advisor Dashboard and Student Registration will also be migrated to Banner 9.  This will occur over several years beginning in 2018.

Q.  Will I still be able to use the same Hot Keys I use now in the current version of Compass?
A.   While some Hot Keys will change, many of the same keys can be used in Banner 9, such as F10 for Save, F5 for Roll Back and Ctrl 10 for Cancel, Exit or Close.  The Compass Navigation Guide and Shortcut Keys (Banner 9) document gives more information and is located in the Compass User Training Channel on the Employee Tab in Howdy under Compass Information/Guides.


Q.  How would a current form in Banner 8 appear in Banner 9?
A.  Forms will be entirely web-based.  Below are examples of The Banner 9 version of the SWAINFO form: