Compass Update June 13, 2017

Release Date: Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017

New TAMU Term Codes

Two new term codes will appear in the Howdy term selection menus and other places were TAMU term codes may be listed.  These terms are relevant if you work with professional medical students within the College of Medicine. 

New term codes will end with ‘5’ and will be half year terms approximately six months in duration (fall half year and spring half year). 
  • Fall 2017 Half Year term – 201735 (July 2017-December 2017)
  • Spring 2018 Half Year term - 201815 (January 2018-July 2018)
To further clarify, none of the pre-existing term codes are changing.  You are encouraged to review your current reports or processes where term codes are involved, as you may need add these new term codes as needed.
New Tabs Implemented in Howdy

The tabs on the upper banner of Howdy can now be reorganized to your preference.  You can click on the upper corner of any of the tabs and drag it to a different position.

In addition, each of the tabs now have a drop down list of link which represent the different channels it contains.  Clicking on any of these options will take you to the corresponding channel on a separate page.  This feature is especially useful when viewing Howdy on a mobile device because it allows you to quickly navigate from anywhere in Howdy to any channel without the need to navigate to a separate page.


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