Compass Update June 28, 2016

Release Date: Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016

Java Update and Virtual Compass
Security issues require Compass users to update the Java software on their computers to the latest version, which is version 8.91.  The upgraded Java should be installed by Tuesday, July 11, 2016, or you may be unable to access Compass.  Please work with your IT support to upgrade to Java 8.91 if this has not already been done.
There are two virtual Compass alternatives for users who experience Java issues.  The first is a client-based version downloaded to the user’s computer with the full functionality of regular Compass.  The client-based version can be installed by your department’s IT staff.  The link to this version and installation instructions can be found in the Compass Channel on the Employee Tab in Howdy - choose “Compass Login Virtual – Full Functionality.”
The second option is a browser-based version which can be accessed on any browser.  However, this option is limited, as certain keys are not useable.  The link for this version can also be found in the Compass Channel on the Employee Tab in Howdy – choose “Compass Login Virtual – Limited Function Keys.”
A guide to using both versions of Virtual Compass is attached.  Virtual Compass uses a solution provided by the Open Access Labs and is similar in concept to the site.
Duo-Factor Authentication 
As a reminder, all EIS applications – Compass, ePrint, etc. – users need to enroll in the Duo-Factor Authentication by the planned deadline on Monday, July 25, 2016.  If you have not enrolled in Duo-Factor Authentication by the deadline, you will be required to do so the next time you log in with your NetID.  A guide to using Duo is also attached to this update.
If you no longer need access to EIS applications, please contact your Primary Authorizing Agent (PAA) to remove your access. 
Duo-Factor Authentication Tips:
  • Duo should only be needed when you enter your NetID and password (e.g., not needed for Compass logins after logging into Howdy).
  • If you go directly to the SSO URL, it uses a different version of Duo than TAMU’s version of Duo for NetID.  After you have enrolled in Duo for your NetID, you have the option of always using your NetID to login to SSO rather than your UIN (click on the TAMU NetID option in the Campus or Agency Logon box on the SSO login page).  If you chose to no longer use your SSO login using UIN or by clicking on the SSO icon in Howdy, enrolling your SSO login in Duo is still highly recommended to protect your SSO account.
  • Smartphones are a recommended option for employees who own a personal smartphone and are willing to use it.  Departments may contact TAMU IT’s Identity Management office to purchase USB token for their employees.  These tokens are registered with TAMU IT, plug into the user's USB port and are specific to each user.  The token generates a security code for use in lieu of authentication using a phone.  It may take several weeks for USB tokens to arrive once ordered.
If there are any questions regarding Virtual Compass or Duo-Factor Authentication, please email