Compass Update May 15, 2014

Release Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scheduled Maintenance Advisory

Compass and Howdy will be unavailable on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 7:00am until late afternoon or early evening for maintenance.  The maintenance will include an upgrade to Student 8.6.3 and Financial Aid 8.20.

Changes Made to the Undergraduate Degree Planner

The following enhancements have been made to the Undergraduate Degree Planner based on advisor feedback:

  • For students who have changed majors, the Degree Planner will use the major in a future term – for example, fall 2014 – instead of the current term.

  • Students can now add transfer courses to their degree plan for the current term until that term is over, and these added courses will be used by the degree evaluation within the Degree Planner.  Any non-transfer course added after the 20th class day in the current term will not be used in the degree evaluation within the Degree Planner.

  • A student will be prevented from self-approving their degree plan if there are pre-requisite errors.

  • The student comments display text now allows 2,000 characters.

Filex Needed to Send Protected Student Data

When sending protected student data to Enterprise Information Systems as part of a Compass Work Request, the Filex distribution system should be used.  Filex allows TAMU affiliates to upload files to a server and send download links via email to specified recipients.  Recipients can then download these hosted files directly from the Filex server.  Instructions on how to use the Filex system are at

When using Filex, choose the encrypted option and send the data to  An EIS staff member will contact you to obtain the encrypted password.