Compass Update February 12, 2014

Release Date: Thursday, Feb 13, 2014

Undergraduate Degree Planner Demonstration Date

Enterprise Information Systems and the Office of the Registrar will conduct a demonstration of the Undergraduate Degree Planner for advisors on Tuesday, February 18 from 10:30am to noon in GSC Assembly Room 101A.

Undergraduate Degree Planner Guides

Guides are available in Howdy for the Undergraduate Degree Planner tool.  The guide for students is located on the My Record Tab in the Undergraduate Degree Planner channel.  The guide for advisors is located in the Learn About the Advising Tab channel.

Undergraduate Degree Planner Reports

Undergraduate Degree Planner Reports are created each week that show the percentages that have been completed, either self-approved or advisor-approved by college.  The data is generated each weekend, with the reports being available from Compass Reports/ePrint.

The name of the summary report is SRC_DEG_PLAN_DPAP (PDF format).  The AOC Deans and any Compass user who is able to approve degree plans will be able to access the summary report.

There are individual college reports (csv format) that have all of the students in their respective college and shows their progress through numerical markers.  Compass users in the college who are able to approve degree plans will be able to access the individual report.

Names of individual college reports: PWS_MISS_DPAP_RPT_** (** = the college)


UGDP Percentage Report

Key to determine the progress of the Degree Plan in the last 3 columns:

Not Started by Student:  1,0,0

Started but not Submitted:  0,1,0

Pending Advisor Approval:  0,0,1

Self-Approved or Advisor Approved:  0,0,0