Compass Update December 4, 2014

Release Date: Monday, Dec 08, 2014

Scheduled Maintenance Advisory

Compass and Howdy will be unavailable on Saturday, December 6, 2014 from 7:00am until 3:00pm for maintenance.  Many services including Email and eCampus will be available during the maintenance through links on the Howdy login page.

Reporting Last Date of Attendance in Howdy

Scholarships & Financial Aid has worked with EIS and the eCampus Learning Management team to create the mechanism to facilitate documenting student last date of attendance at an academically-related activity.  Federal student aid regulations require the University to calculate financial aid earned by students with non-passing grades (F-Failing, U- Unsatisfactory or I-Incomplete).  Based on information obtained from course instructors, adjustments to or cancellation of financial aid awards may be necessary.  Please note that this requirement applies to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students alike.

After grade submission whether through Howdy or eCampus, a link will be available within the Howdy Roster view (grade submission page) to select one of three Last Date of Attendance (LDA) options for students assigned non-passing grades (F, U, I):

  • Attended entire semester
  • Never attended/no attendance documented
  • Last date of attendance known (fill in/select date)

A step-by-step guide is available on both the News page of as well as on the Learn About Faculty/Teaching Tab channel in

Questions regarding the Last Date of Attendance process can be directed to

Degree Planner Update

Updates have been made to the Undergraduate Degree Planner.  These changes include:

  • Added advisor comments to the landing page within the approval box. This will work in a similar method to the approvals tab within the degree planner, but will only show comments from the most recent degree planner submission.

 Latest Degree Plan Approval Status

Latest Degree Plan Approval Status Comments

  • Updated “Progress Bar” legend to more accurately describe what the colors symbolize.

 Progress Bar

  • Removed GPA requirement for students who do not have a GPA for a given area. This will now allow students to self-approve if all of their courses are planned or transferred and do not have a GPA while at Texas A&M University.
  • Added a pre-requisite warning before submission for all students if a pre-requisite is not satisfied.
  • Request students provide an explanation for why requirements are not met in their degree evaluation.
 Requsts Students Provide an Explanation