Compass Update December 6, 2013

Release Date: Friday, Dec 20, 2013

Effective fall 2013, new undergraduate students are required to submit a degree plan.  On December 3, a type “UN” (“UG Degree Plan Not Required”) hold was placed on undergraduate student records to indicate active students who were enrolled prior to fall 2013 and will not be subject to the degree plan requirement.  The UN hold will exempt students from receiving registration holds if a degree plan is not submitted and also ensure they do not receive system-generated emails regarding the degree plan requirement.  This hold serves only as an indicator and will not prevent or block any functions in Compass or Howdy.  As such, these holds will not be visible to students in Howdy.  Additionally, students with the UN hold will not be prohibited from accessing the Undergraduate Degree planner and may submit a degree plan.

Functionality for advisor degree plan approval is expected to go live the week of December 16th.  Soon after, an email message will be sent to all students for whom the degree planner is required, reminding them to submit a degree plan.

An Undergraduate Degree Planer guide for advisors will be available in the “Learn About the Advising Tab” channel on the Advising Tab in Howdy next week.