Compass Update December 4, 2013

Release Date: Thursday, Dec 05, 2013

Student ID images now available in Howdy

Student ID images can now be accessed in Howdy by employees who have a Compass account or access to the Advising Tab.  Student ID images are confidential data and should be protected like all other confidential student data.

The Image Viewer Channel is available on the Employee Tab.  Users select a term and provide either the student’s ID or their last and first name to be able to view the student’s ID image.

Image Viewer Channel

Advisors can also view student ID images from the Advisor Dashboard by clicking on the “View Image” button.

Advisor Dashboard

In addition, faculty are able to view the student ID images from their Class Rosters in Howdy.  By clicking on the camera icon next to the student’s name, they will be able to view the student’s ID image.

Class Roster