Compass Update December 18, 2013

Release Date: Friday, Dec 20, 2013

Undergraduate Degree Planner Guides

Guides are available in Howdy for the Undergraduate Degree Planner tool.  Students will find their guide on the My Record Tab in the Undergraduate Degree Planner channel.  The guide for advisors is located in the Learn About the Advising Tab channel.

Student Degree Plan Progress by Program

A new screen is available in Howdy that shows the degree plan status of each student by academic program.  The “Undergraduate Degree Plan Status” link is in the Degree Evaluation channel on the Advising Tab in Howdy.

Student Degree Plan Progress by Program

Degree Plan message to New Students

Degree plan approval functionality is now available in Howdy.  The message below will be sent tomorrow, Thursday, December 19, to all new students who must create a degree plan.

Howdy, (student name)

As a new student at Texas A&M University in fall 2013, you are required to complete an undergraduate degree plan.  You can do so by using the Undergraduate Degree Planner in Howdy. The planner is located in the Undergraduate Degree Planner channel on the My Record tab. A guide for using the planner is also located in this channel.  Additional information including deadlines will be provided to you about this requirement by your academic department. If you have questions about this requirement, please contact your academic advisor.

Undergraduate Degree Plan Approval access

Once a student submits their degree plan for approval, it will be locked until it is approved by an advisor.  Advisors obtain access to approve degree plans by requesting the appropriate Compass security group through their Primary Authorizing Agent (PAA).  To prevent delays in degree plan approval, departments and colleges should request access to the Undergraduate Degree Plan approval page as soon as possible.

Groups have been created for both departments and college deans’ offices.  Approvers for departments will be able to approve Undergraduate Degree Plans for any student in their department.  Approvers for the college dean’s office will be able to approve degree plans for any student in their college. In order to become an undergraduate degree plan approver, users must have the Advising tab in Howdy.