Compass Update April 12, 2013

Release Date: Thursday, Apr 18, 2013

New features added to WOAHOLD

Hold filters have been added to the key block of the WOAHOLD form.  These filters allow the user to quickly and easily view specific groups of holds.  The default filter, All Holds, will display all of the holds on the student’s record including future and historical holds.  The new filters include the following:

All Holds (Default)
All Active Holds
Active Transcript Holds
Active Registration Holds
Active Graduation Holds

If you have questions regarding WOAHOLD, please contact the Office of the Registrar at


Undergraduate Degree Planner Template form now available

A new form, SWATMPL, is now available and allows users to build a template for the Undergraduate Degree Planner for their programs by catalog.  Courses required for the degree are entered into a recommended sequence by semester for each year, freshman through senior and/or fifth year.

There is a tab for each year and a block for each semester’s courses.
The form will be restricted by department.  For example, users in the BIOL department will be able to enter templates for programs in the BIOL department.  Users in the Dean’s offices will be able to enter templates for any program in their college. 
Compass users needing access should request the G_REGI_29_UG_DEG_PLAN_TEMPLATE group from their PAA.  Up to two users per department and per college dean’s office may have access to update SWATMPL.  The users must be advisors and have access to run degree evaluations in Howdy.

Departments will enter their template courses on SWATMPL, with only single course requirements being entered.  Requirements with multiple options (such as emphasis options, directed electives, core curriculum, foreign language, and general electives) cannot be included on SWATMPL.

After the template is entered, Degree Audit in the Office of the Registrar will review the template to verify that all the listed courses are included in the program’s degree requirements.  Once verified, the template will be made active for students to use in the Undergraduate Degree Planner.  There will be a process to roll the courses from the previous year to the next catalog year.  Once rolled, the departments will need to access the new record and make any required updates.  The new templates will then be reviewed by Degree Audit and marked as active if approved.


Veteran data available on Advising Tab in Howdy

Did you know that a student’s Veteran status is listed on their student record in the Advising channel of Howdy? The status is listed on the General Student Information link.  This status is based on their certification of educational benefits with the Veterans Services Office (VSO) located in Scholarships & Financial Aid.  The VSO currently tracks students on the Veteran Tab of SGASTDN but is transitioning away from this.  No future data will be tracked on SGASTDN’s Veteran tab.

There are future plans to track ALL Veterans (not just ones that have certified for educational benefits).  Another announcement will be sent out regarding this once the process is in place.

If you need more detailed Veteran Student Data, please contact Bridgette Ingram at or 979-458-5312.


Texas Success Initiative (TSI) and Core Curriculum information now available in Howdy

TSI and Core Curriculum information is now available to Advisors in Howdy.  A link to the information has been added to the Degree Evaluation Channel on the Advising Tab, and the information is also available in the Advisor Dashboard.  For more information about the TSI and Core Curriculum information page, please contact Degree Audit in the Office of the Registrar at

Scheduled Maintenance Advisory

Compass and Howdy will be unavailable on Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 7:00am until approximately 5:00pm for maintenance.  The maintenance will include an upgrade to Student 8.5.6.