Compass Work Requests


Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the Compass and Howdy systems.   Programming change requests may be submitted by completing a Compass Work Request form as described below.   Texas A&M University would like to use the baseline Compass processes whenever possible and limit customizations.

Review Process for Requests to Modify/Enhance Compass

  • All requests that require programming effort for the Compass student system and Howdy portal must be submitted to EIS using the following form:

Compass Work Request Form 

  • The work request must include the reason for the request and the impact of not completing the request. Example requests include new reports, scripts to automate processes, enhancements to Compass or Howdy, and customizations to Compass due to a gap (should be kept to a minimum).  If protected data is included in the request or attachments, do not send by email.  Please only send protected data by Filex (  When using Filex, choose the encrypted option and send the data to  An EIS staff member will contact you to obtain the encrypted password.
  • The EIS team will review the request and provide the EIS Steering Committee with a recommendation whether to approve or reject the request.   Requests with an "Evaluate" recommendation require more time for evaluation and will be provided again to the EIS Steering Committee with an approval/rejection recommendation at a future meeting.
  • The EIS Steering Committee will review the request at their monthly meeting and vote whether to recommend approval.
  • Requests recommended for approval by the EIS Steering Committee will be referred to the EIS Executive Committee.  Examples of requests which may be referred to the EIS Executive Committee include extremely complex requests or requests that require major customizations.
  • Requests referred to the EIS Executive Committee will be reviewed by this committee for possible formal approval or rejection.
  • For approved requests, an EIS programming staff member or functional team member will contact the requester or appropriate contact when programming work begins on the request.  EIS staff will notify requesters when a request has been rejected or deferred.