Compass Primary Authorizing Agents

NOTE: The authority to approve Compass requests resides with key university management positions typically at the Vice President or Dean level. They are authorized to delegate that authority to others in their organization. For each organization listed below, the individual whose name is marked with an asterisk (*) is the person who normally handles all requests for that organization.
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  Kelly Essler*
  Mary Bryk
College of Architecture
  Leslie Feigenbaum
  Loretta Mendez*
  Shelly Holliday
Mays Business School
  Dr. Linda Windle
  Erin Parks*
  Peter Drysdale
  Missy Lund
  Tara Blasor
  Richard Timothy Dye
  Rebecca Itz *
Information & Operations Management
  Veronica Stilley*
  Tammy Louther
  Kristi Mora*
  Hannah Cole*
College of Dentistry
  Tracey Posey*
College of Education & Human Development
  Dr. Chris Cherry*
  Beverly Irby
  Kristy Anderson
College of Engineering
  Bonnie Bustos-Rios*
Aerospace Engineering Department
  Jim Boyd
  Gail Rowe*
  Kristi Shryock
  Christina Escamilla
Biomedical Engineering Department
  Eileen Hoy*
Chemical Engineering Department
  Katherine Toback
  Ashley Henley*
  Arul Jayaraman
  Victor Ugaz
Civil Engineering Department
  Mary Beth Hueste*
  Chris Grunkemeyer
  Bob Appleton
Computer Science and Engineering Department
  Scott Schaefer
  Dezhen Song*
  John Keyser
  Riccardo Bettati
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
  Windy LaLa*
Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
  Jason Henderson*
  Reza Langari
Industrial and Systems Engineering Department
  Jeana Goodson*
  Yesenia Zavala*
Material Science and Engineering Department
  Jules Henry*
  Ibrahim Karaman
  Terry Creasy
Mechanical Engineering Department
  Bryan Rasmussen
  Arun Srinivasa
Nuclear Engineering Department
  Marna Stepan*
Ocean Engineering Department
  Charlie Donaway*
  Anna Budvitis*
  Marc Perlin
  David Allen
Petroleum Engineering Department
  Eleanor Schuler*
  Gail Krueger
College of Geosciences
  Christian Brannstrom*
  Roxanna Russell
School of Law
  Julie Thurman*
  Terri Helge
College of Liberal Arts - (includes English Language Institute)
  Dr. Steven Oberhelman
  Allison Rivera*
College of Medicine
  Dennis Lacaze*
  Sonia de Leon
  Jennifer Maldonado-Castillo
  Mark McCall
  Danielle Dickey
College of Nursing
  Todd Stricherz*
  Deanna Lormand
  Brittney Collins
College of Pharmacy
  Amanda M. Galindo*
  Mansoor A. Khan
  Kim Tanzer
  Garry Castellanos
College of Public Health
  Erin Schneider*
  John O'Neil
  Don Curtis
  Jennifer Griffith
College of Science
  Sara Thigpin*
  Mark Zoran
  Lucas Macri
College of Veterinary Medicine
  Dr. Henry Huebner
  Dr. Elizabeth Crouch
  Linda Filip
  Laura Beach*
The Bush School of Government and Public Service
  Matthew Upton*
  Dr. Frank Ashley III
Aggie One Stop
  Melanie Monroe*
Athletics Department
  Molly Tye*
  Jennifer Spahr*
  Janie Williams
  Joe Fields
  Seth Dorsey
Texas A&M Health Science Center
  Tracey Posey*
Student Learning Center
  Joel McGee*
  Arthur Watson
  James B. Kracht
  Mo Tan Cheng*
Division of Research
  Linda Thurman
  Annette Shenkir
Vice President for Administration
  Jane Schneider*
Univeristy Risk and Compliance
  Larry Keller
Transportation Services
  Darla Guerra*
  Peter Lange
  Debbie Lollar
  Kenneth Kimball
  Lynn Wiggs
University Police Department
  Ed Costello*
  J. Mike Johnson
Vice President for Finance and Controller
  Cris Labyer
Information Technology
  Phillip L. Guillen
  William Deigaard
Enterprise Information Systems
  Steven Ragusa
  Shervonne Smithey
VP of Student Affairs
  Tom Reber
  Cari Tawney*
Commandant/Corps of Cadets
  Colonel Gary Beaty*
  Will Schrank
  Tom Reber
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  Tom Reber
  Laura Sigle
Memorial Student Center
  Rick E. Greig*
  Deryle Richmond
  Tom Reber
Multicultural Services
  Tonya Driver*
  Tom Reber
Recreational Sports
  Tom Reber
  Arrana Bennett*
  Christina Richards
Dept. of Services for Students with Disabilities
  Tracey Forman*
  Kristie Orr
  Tom Reber
Student Activities
  Laura Sigle
  Tom Reber
Student Counseling Services
  Travis Batson *
  Dr. Mary Ann Covey
  Tom Reber
  James Deegear
  Lanice Bennett
Student Health Services
  Richard Darnell*
  Tanja Petterson
  Dr. Martha Dannenbaum
  Tom Reber
Student Life
  Dr. Anne Reber
  Tom Reber
  Jaclyn Upshaw-Brown*
Student Life Studies
  Kelly Cox*
  Tom Reber
Residence Life and Housing
  Chareny Rydl
  Andrea Johannes*
  Tom Reber
Office of the Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies
  Sandra Chavarria*
  Georgia Hines
Office of the Provost
  Joseph P. Pettibon II*
  Cheryl Hanks
Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen
  Joseph P. Pettibon II*
  Cynthia Torres*
Data and Research Services
  Margot Goff
  Johnathan Kotinek*
  Shaton Harris
  Annabelle Aymond
  A. Nicole Guentzel
Academic Success Center
  Dr. Joel McGee*
  Dr. Valerie Balester
Study Abroad Programs Office
  Melanie Rogers*
  Martin Rosales
  Holly Hudson
Transition Academic Programs
  Dr. Karl Mooney*
  Russ Graves
  Dr. Arthur C. Watson
University Writing Center
  Dr. Valerie Balester
  Donna Pantel*
  Dr. Candace Hastings
Academic and Strategic Collaborations
  Brian Thigpin*
  Kelli Weatherman
Texas A&M University at Galveston
  Dr. Donna Lang
  Kelly Angell
Texas A&M University at Qatar
  Jon Buchanan*
  Ioannis Economou
  Ryan McLawhon
  Maha Ayyash
  Hazem Nounou
Office of Admissions
  Michelle Walker*
  Catherine Roueche-Herdman
  Brandie Eneks
Office of Graduate Studies
  Dr. Karen Butler-Purry
  Rachel Krolczyk*
Office of the Registrar
  Laura Zieg
  Venesa Heidick
  Stephanie Matlock*
Scholarships and Financial Aid
  Bridgette Ingram*
  Delisa Falks
Student Business Services
  Katie Rader*
  Jennifer Lightfoot
  Peggy Carey
  Rachelle McDonald
International Student Services
  Holly Hudson
  Amanda Brinlee
  Samantha Clement
Office of Faculty Affairs
  Dr. N. K. Anand
  Heather Wilkinson
Undergraduate Recruitment and Outreach
  David Tofel*
  Marcus Cooper