Oracle Licensing

Texas A&M University has licensed a number of Oracle database products on a campus-wide basis. The campus license agreement provides new and continuing users access to Oracle software. Licensed products include:
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition provides database management software with added features for enhancing performance, scalability, and security for enterprise-level applications. For more information, see Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition.
  • Oracle Diagnostics Pack includes tools to automate comprehensive system performance monitoring, diagnostics, and notification. For more information, see Oracle Diagnostics Pack (PDF).
  • Oracle Tuning Pack provides tools to automate complex and time-consuming application tuning and optimization tasks. For more information, see Oracle Tuning Pack (PDF).

Funding of the Campus License

The university purchased the campus-wide license using funds for the Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) project. The campus-wide Oracle license offers significant pricing advantages for university departments.

  • Both new users of Oracle and continuing departments no longer need to negotiate with Oracle on their own with Oracle for licensed products. Since EIS funding was used for the initial license purchase, university departments that participate in the campus license will not be charged a licensing fee, and departments will not need to procure and negotiate a license directly from Oracle.
  • Participating departments will need to share annual maintenance fees for the campus license with EIS. Individual departments will no longer need to pay Oracle directly for annual maintenance.

Departmental Use of the Campus License

Texas A&M departments that use Oracle products with the campus license must complete the TAMU Oracle Campus License Annual Form (DOC) each year. Please send completed forms to Shervonne Smithey at Mail Stop 1119. An invoice will be provided after completion of the form.

Annual maintenance fees will be charged to departments for access to licensed Oracle products:

  • $2,687.83 per processor for the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Diagnostics Pack, and Tuning Pack.

The renewal rate for participation in the Oracle Campus License is $2,687.83 per processor, based on the 3% annual increase by Oracle.  Users are billed in arrears for the fiscal year ending August 31.

The $2,687.83 processor amount will be prorated for the fiscal year for any portion of a fiscal year that a department is using the campus license.

Please note: The University is evaluating a move to a processor-based license to replace the campus license. EIS will work with existing customers regarding the change.  Please contact EIS prior to making a decision about using Oracle for new applications because Oracle Campus License may not be available.

Oracle Support

Departments that participate in the campus license may request an Oracle Metalink ID for direct support from Oracle. Departments may receive technical support or download Oracle software using their Metalink ID.

It is possible that in the future Texas A&M will need to limit the number of support contacts using the campus license, and departmental database administrators would need to first contact Texas A&M's central database administration staff for support instead of contacting Oracle directly.

Terms and Conditions

Use of licensed Oracle products is governed by the terms of the DIR Agreement at this link:, as well as any applicable University Rules and SAPs, and System Policies and Regulations.