Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) Steering Committee

Membership is comprised of approximately 20 members representing offices and organizations at Texas A&M University impacted by Compass and Howdy. It includes representatives from the university's branch campuses in Galveston and Qatar, and is led by the Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Information Systems. The committee reviews Compass Work Requests and makes recommendations to the EIS Executive Committee, including those that have a significant policy or financial impact on the university. The committee meets monthly and provides guidance to the EIS team for key decisions such as the schedule for installing Ellucian releases. The committee also communicates EIS issues with faculty, staff, and students of the organizations they represent.


Current Members
  • Academic Operations Committee (AOC) – Angie Hill Price**
  • Data and Research Services – Margot Goff
  • Division of IT Representative – Vacant **
  • Enterprise Information Systems – Steven Ragusa (Chair)
  • Faculty Representative – Hank Walker**
  • Galveston Branch Campus – John Kovacevich/Kelly Angell
  • Graduate Operations Committee (GOC) – Leslie Feigenbaum**
  • Graduate Student Association –Daniel Pall**
  • Office of Admissions – Chris Reed
  • Office of Graduate Studies – Rachel Krolczyk
  • Office of the Registrar – Venesa Heidick
  • Office of Student Success – Jason Mastrogiovanni
  • Provost IT Office – Juan Garza
  • Qatar Branch Campus – Jon Buchanan
  • Student Business Services – Jennifer Lightfoot
  • Student Financial Aid – Delisa Falks
  • Student Government Association – Nathan Hazlett**
  • Transition Academic Programs – Karl Mooney
  • University Advisors and Counselors – Kristy Kulhanek
  • Vice President for Student Affairs – Carl Ivey III
**Positions identified by ** have rotating membership and are reconfirmed in September of each year.

Ex Officio Representatives
  • EIS Administration – Shervonne Smithey (meeting coordinator)
  • EIS Administration – Karen Sparks
  • Provost Communications, Division of IT Communications, and/or Marketing & Communications
Working Groups
  • Working groups will be created as needed for specific implementation tasks.   Working groups may include non-members of the EIS Steering Committee (e.g., Academic Innovation staff and EIS staff).  The working groups will help ensure that faculty requirements are well represented during the implementation.   Examples of possible working groups include a group for course migration and a group for faculty training.